Sedona's Story.., at least what we know of it.

It all started when Debra, a teacher, occasionally noticed this Golden Retriever mix, who appeared pregnant, wandering around near her school. Curious, she talked to some kids who lived in the neighborhood - they knew the dog and said the owners had moved a couple months ago. Yep, they just left an unsprayed young female loose in the desert - just as the desert heat was looming. Sedona appeared to be about 1 yr old and was covered with ticks. Debra and her family took Sedona into their home, and they fell in love with the sweet Sedona, who was a gentle, loving soul that seemed to be happy having a home and people to love. Knowing little about whelping or how to care for a pregnant dog and with circumstances making dealing with the situation hard, they sought help from a rescue.

That's where I come in, word got around to me about Sedona, and I decided to foster her though her delivery and raising of her pups. She quickly made herself quite at home, happily accepting all the food we've offered her. She even eventually tried as best she could to play with both our dogs, considering the extra weight she was carrying. I took her into work with me the first day (a vet clinic), and we took x-rays - which showed very little (though both vets picked out at least 4 faint pups) meaning she's more than 2 weeks from her big event. Oh, and I scanned her for a microchip just to be sure, of course she has none. She was wormed with panacur, and though she had been treated for ticks by Debra before I got her, was treated again 2 weeks later with Frontline Plus (which is safe for pregnant/nursing moms) just to be sure. A week after her first visit we retook the xrays at work, and were able to count 7-8 pups. Delivery was imminent, about a week to go according to the vet.

On the night of June 12, 2008, Sedona delivered 8 puppies in 2 hours. One (#3) was stillborn, but the rest popped out healthy and ready to nurse! Sedona was a trooper, she seemed to know exactly what to do. She took care of each pup like a champion mom, amazing considering she never read a book on what to do. The last one born was clearly the runt, and seeing that I made sure to clear a spot just for her to nurse right away to make sure she got off to a good start. Sedona was exhausted after all that work and slept a lot for quite a few days, only rousing to eat, drink, clean the pups and potty - she slept through most of the nursing.

Things have continued to go well for the litter, to see each of the pups in birth order go here.