Squeaky Cat gets a treat.

A Portrait’s Journey; Part 1

Photo Session!

This is the first part in a series sharing a glimpse into the course the creation of a portrait takes.

I met Squeaky Cat one sunny Sunday morning (is there any other kind in Arizona?), and quickly got to know the engaging and quirky 22 year old Thoroughbred gelding… not just directly from the horses mouth, but… and this is equally as important… from the people who love and know him so well. Like many older horses, he body bears some witness to his age… but his personality outshines all the battle scars. The canvas loves capturing the years that life has painted on these faces.

Squeaky is not shy when begging for treats...

Squeaky is not shy when begging for treats…

Squeaky had a career as a race horse in Arizona in the mid 90’s, including some years at the local track, Rillito. Katie worked on the backside with his trainer and knew him well… even back then she knew he was meant to be hers, and fate agreed, thankfully for both of them!

Reaching out to introduce himself!

Reaching out to introduce himself!

Katie has been hoping to have a portrait done for a while, and circumstances just worked out perfectly for that to be right now! As I am always happy to do, when she said she didn’t have many photos I geared up with my camera and water bottle and headed out to lovely Oro Valley, AZ, for a complimentary photo session. Photographing horses is almost as fun as painting them for me, though I’m no professional photog. As long as it’s less than a couple hours away, I’ll be there camera in hand!

One of 10 portrait poses to mull over.

One of 10 portrait poses to mull over.

Now Katie has the tough decision (more so than usual) of which photo to use… which is the most “Squeaky”?  Aside from the above pic, the photos here are not part of that group, however, they’re just some of the more candid, fun shots I got!

Be sure to watch for the next adventure filled episode – The Sketches!

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