From an early age Carole was prone to doodle the hours away and as early as she could hold a pencil she was using it to feed her imagination. Receiving her first acrylic paint set at 13 years old introduced her to a new, brave world – one filled with color.

Stricken at an early age with OHD (“Obsessed-with-Horses Disorder”), she was infected for life, blessed with an incurable preoccupation with anything equine. The deep wish for that elusive pony was channeled into a more focused pursuit to learn and foster bona fide skills as an artist.

Her artistic craving is wide ranging, and while horses are a primary focus, she finds joy in painting everything from nimals of all kinds to desert foliage… and even still lifes. Being an artist is a critical part of how she lives and views the world around her. Her camera is a traveling companion, and with it in hand she is always ready to find inspiration for her next painting – whether at a racetrack, a horse show, a range of mountains with the natural light hitting them at a very intriguing angle or some unsuspecting wildlife traveling through her backyard.

studio5_15She’s exhibited and collected all around the country, and takes on portrait commissions from around the world. Always seeking to connect, share and learn from other artists, she is involved in many equine art communities. An Associate Member of the American Academy of Equine Art, Carole is also a Master Signature member of the Institute of Equine Artists and a member of Women Artists of the West (WAOW).

She’s been honored with great opportunities as well, in 2012 Del Mar Racetrack commissioned her to paint the winner of the prestigious $1 Million Pacific Classic, the signature race run during the summer meet at beautiful beach-side track in San Diego, California. A couple years later Carole was honored to be chosen by Woodford Reserve Bourbon – the official bourbon of the Kentucky Derby – to create a painting from for the label of their 2015 Commemorative Kentucky Derby bottle, the same year that American Pharoah won the Triple Crown.

More than 25 years removed from the days of owning and showing her own horses, she’s recently started riding again, and the moment she sat on a horse for the first time in over 12 years was like she had never stopped. She also has a full house with three dogs and two cats, as well as her “studiomate” and husband Lemorris – a professional artist as well (


Having enjoyed working for many years as a vet tech, she has finally in recent years made the transition to full time artist, and now spends what seems like every waking hour at her easel or managing her art career. What better job could there be?! Be sure to take a look at her resume for the real skinny!



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