Victory Lap 16 x 20 acrylic

Fun with Hunters and Jumpers!

I’ve done a few more new pieces, taking advantage of the many photos I’ve taken at local hunter/jumper shows. I finished these three in less than a month, just in time to take a break from painting to do some yardwork before the desert heat really sets in. I have a list of about 14+ […]

More Desert Oasis...

More Desert Oasis…

Here’s another refreshing desert monsoon scene, something that will become more appealing over the next few months as the summer heat sets in. Unfortunately, it’s unfinished. It’s very close to done, but I just have that nagging feeling like something else is needed. I’ll hang it on my wall where I can observe it for […]

Birth of a painting

This is a new painting I did last week, and I made sure to take the time to photograph it as I worked. The pictures were taken at different times of day so the lighting and quality vary, but you can see how a painting is born. Currently untitled, this is done in oil on […]



Welcome to the new site! I’m hoping for this to be a place where I can update my latest work, exhibitions and events with greater ease and frequency. I have many pieces planned for ’09 in various stages – from ideas still brewing in my head to some already started on canvas. I will also […]