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Bringing a slain painting back from death’s door. I think most people would agree, moving is hell. It’s something I dread, but Moving happens. To be fair, things actually went fine overall with our move a year and a half ago, at least until I discovered one of my paintings did not come out of it […]


Bisbee-cation ‘16

A photo journal of the epic 25th anniversary tour through southern Arizona of two artists who happen to also be married. When your job entails hours and days and weeks in the studio, which is also your home, the occasional outing is necessary for refreshing the well of inspiration. When your husband shares the same […]


Silver City Art Show & Workshop

It was 3:30 am in mid September – not quite fall enough for it to be cool, but at least it wasn’t hot – when my husband and I started on our trek east and up into the mountains towards beautiful Silver City, New Mexico. I was on tap to judge an art show and teach a workshop… my […]


A Portrait’s Journey; Painting the Pharoah

I’ve been chomping at the bit (see what I did there?) to get around to painting American Pharoah, Triple Crown and Breeder’s Cup Classic winner, and the 2015 Horse of the Year. Now with the holidays long behind, and my schedule finally clearing, it was time. Pondering on it for a few months, I had long ago decided […]

14" x 18" oil on canvas

6 Things I Fear Painting The Most

Happy New Year!  I’ve been doing some spring cleaning, and redecorated the place, enjoy! My first post of 2016 may seem a bit dismal, but if looked at through the rose colored glasses I like to sport, it is really a call to action to forge on and overcome that which can hold us all back! […]


Falling in Love With Kentucky, Again! (Part 2)

If you haven’t already, read Part 1 here! Back to the Painting Friday and Saturday after our trip to Keeneland were spent building the underpainting while watching the Breeder’s Cup. Aside from a break to watch the big event, the Breeder’s Cup Classic, it was a two day painting marathon. Witnessing the history that was […]

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Falling in Love With Kentucky, Again! (Part 1)

The Opportunity Arises It was the kind of commission I would have dreamed about as a fledgling equine artist; a valued client wants a large mural sized piece painted on location in Louisville, Kentucky. What to do? Well, for starters… plan it in autumn (or as we call it here in Arizona… summer) during the […]

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Water Horses in the Desert…

…or, how I spent my summer (and yes, in Arizona summer ends later). I finally was able to get around to doing what I have been trying to work into my schedule for a couple of years… this summer I took a few day trips to the Lower Salt River just east of the Phoenix […]


A Triple Crown Missed, A Triple Crown Realised

An Artist’s Triple Crown Musings Like so many racing fans, I have been hankering for a Triple Crown winner since I knew what the Triple Crown was. Technically, I was alive for the three winners in the 70’s, if not fully aware. I just hadn’t discovered the significance yet to tie it into my already […]

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Kentucky Derby Project Finally Revealed!

At last… I am finally able to announce my big project completed last fall!  It’s been hard to keep this one on the down-low, but a busy six months with many changes, including a move, kept me distracted enough to wait. The big “project”? I was commissioned to create the artwork for the label on […]