It’s been just over a month since moving to my new home and studio, and I can now say with confidence that this is a true creative oasis. Surrounded by open desert and only a few miles from Saguaro National Park East, it’s filled with a refreshing and innate tranquility.

The interior is ingrained with a notably positive vibe. It’s bright, saturated with natural light and has a very open, unhampered layout. It’s a top notch atmosphere for two artists to create in.


Most important, of course… Studio Cat (Cabot) approves…

Studio Cat

The same windows that provide so much light also connect us to a beautiful desert haven, complete with great view of a man made watering hole just outside the fence – the office “water cooler” for all manner of Sonoran Desert wildlife going about their daily lives. We call it TV for the dogs and cats, but we enjoy the programming every bit as much if not more.

Dog TV

Besides the expected avian visitors (Mourning Doves, Gambel’s Quail, and a pair of Cardinal’s) that stop by almost daily and a swarm of bees that made a tree just outside our yard a rest stop for a week…


…we’ve seen lots of Desert Cottontail

Desert Cottontail



…and a family of 8 Javelina that stops by occasionally…


With all these potential painting subject’s hanging around, expect an increase in wildlife working it’s way into my portfolio! So with the open studio space that facilitate’s creating and work flow, I’m off to a good start putting paint to canvas… so you’ll be seeing more from me this year, you’ve been warned :)!

P.S.: The new studio also provided a great backdrop for some interviews I did with local news stations in regards to my Woodford Reserve commission a couple weeks ago!  You can read and watch the video’s for each story at KVOA 4 and KOLD 13.