Fancy - 16" x 20" oil on canvas
Fancy – 16″ x 20″ oil on canvas

A portrait is something that is considered an honor to work on with a goal towards representing the subject with an honest respect for their individual qualities. Whether a beloved, shaggy pony that “schooled” young children into confident horse people or a champion competitor with the proud carriage of a top athlete, I seek to bring out the unique dignity, elegance and personality of each subject on canvas.

Depending on various factors, the standard working time is 2-4 months. Below are more details designed to give as much information as possible, but if you still have any questions please feel free to email me!

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There are two basic choices for a background. Simple is a basic background of colors and tones, usually chosen to compliment the subject. Scenic is anything more complicated, but usually an actual scene, be it a landscape, stable, structure or other scene.

  • Simple: Single color or blend of colors behind subject, designed to compliment subject.
  • Scenic: Any kind of scenery behind subject, including landscapes and buildings.

The standard arrangement is 50% of the total as a deposit* to get started and the other 50% due immediately upon completion ( receipt of images) of the finished piece. Payments can be made by check (mailing address will be supplied) or paypal. Payment options are also available on a case by case basis at no extra charge – usually in the form of monthly payments for up to 6 months (depending on the total) and with a minimum $200 deposit. After the final payment has been received the piece will then be delivered or shipped.

*$150 of deposit is non-refundable (covers booking, supply purchases, photo reference management, any initial planning, sketching and prep and general time involved), full deposit becomes non-refundable once the painting is started.


Shipping is additional, see chart for prices in the US. Contact artist for quotes on international shipping.

Photographic Reference:

For most portraits, especially of animals, photo’s are needed because many subjects aren’t great at sitting in the same pose for the weeks it takes to work on a piece. Unless you are located in southern Arizona where I can visit in person to take photos, you’ll need to provide any existing photos and/or take some fresh pictures. It’s best to have a variety of photos (5 or more) with at least some of very good quality and some just to show any markings or other individual features regardless of quality. I will review them in consideration with what you might be interested in as far as composition (see below) and let you know if I need more to create a quality portrait. Digital files can be sent by email or standard photos can be mailed, which will be scanned and returned.

Important Note:
Professional photos or photos taken by someone else can only be used as indirect reference unless the written permission of the photographer is obtained (some professionals may charge a fee for this).

Sizes and Framing:

Consider when thinking of the size painting the factor of additional size that a frame may add to the overall dimensions of a piece – plan on anywhere from 6” to 12” inches (unless it’s a gallery wrapped piece). For example, with a 16 x 20 the frame will probably be approximately 3” additional on each side – so the actual wall space the framed piece may take up would be 22” x 26”.


The positioning of main subject and/or elements in piece. For example, if you feel your horse looks best on his right side, that is probably the best pose to use. If you want to capture personality, focusing on the head yields a better sense of character. Also consider what any photo reference you’re providing shows – is there one that is particularly good? Or, if you already have a preference, do your photos show enough information so that no important points such as markings, etc. are missed?

Equine Portrait Prices

Prices are for portraits of one-two horses, for more than two horses, other subjects, alternative sizes/dimensions or non-portrait commissions (landscapes, racing scenes, etc) contact artist for specialized quote.

                   Simple  Scenic    Shipping             

16″ x 20″      $940     $1040          $20

18″ x 24″      $1100    $1250          $40

22″ x 28″     $1300    $1460          $40

24” x 30”     $1650    $1850          $80

24″ x 36″     $2000    $2300         $80

30″ x 40″     $2400    $2800        $100

36″ x 48″     $3000    $3500        $120

48″ x 72″     $4000    $4500        $120

For more information or to initiate the creation of a portrait, contact Carole by email or…

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