As I’m preparing for my first visit to the Kentucky Derby, I’m reflecting on all the years watching it on TV wondering what the experience is like in person. While pondering, I’m also getting a collection of work ready for a local solo show in Tucson, and when I return… besides having a lot of photos (and some stories) to share, the fun will continue because I’ll be meeting more local horse and art lovers at the reception!

This show will be a great chance to share my equine passion with neighbors of a like mind. It will be hung the morning of the 1st… after I’m already on a early plane to Kentucky… by my highly trained crew of personal curators (my husband and daughter, also both artists), and goes through the end of the month.  I look forward to the reception on May 11th where I can meet everyone and talk about my two favorite subjects, art and horses and the joy of bringing the two together! 

Here’s more information on the Kirk Bear Canyon Library page… and a nice write up in the Arizona Daily Star!

Another note…  updates as I’m on my Derby trip will be made on my Facebook page, so stop by there to keep up…!  Of course a full (but not too long) report will be made here after returning!