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Bringing a slain painting back from death’s door. I think most people would agree, moving is hell. It’s something I dread, but Moving happens. To be fair, things actually went fine overall with our move a year and a half ago, at least until I discovered one of my paintings did not come out of it […]


A Portrait’s Journey; Painting the Pharoah

I’ve been chomping at the bit (see what I did there?) to get around to painting American Pharoah, Triple Crown and Breeder’s Cup Classic winner, and the 2015 Horse of the Year. Now with the holidays long behind, and my schedule finally clearing, it was time. Pondering on it for a few months, I had long ago decided […]

Extreme Makeover; Painting Edition

Pulling a failing painting of a horse from the brink of imminent demise. Occasionally I hit a block while working on a piece, and in few of those cases I finally have to step back and put it away. With there’s other pieces to be worked on, the poor, lost-it’s-way canvas goes into the “unfinished” […]


A Portrait’s Journey; Part 2


Squeaky Cat gets a treat.

A Portrait’s Journey; Part 1

Photo Session! This is the first part in a series sharing a glimpse into the course the creation of a portrait takes. I met Squeaky Cat one sunny Sunday morning (is there any other kind in Arizona?), and quickly got to know the engaging and quirky 22 year old Thoroughbred gelding… not just directly from […]

Patagonia Commute 22" x 28" oil on canvas - SOLD

Arizona Winter Weather – As Good As It Gets!

This is the time of year Arizonan’s come out of their air conditioned homes and play; Pro Golf, the Gem Show, The Rodeo, Horse Racing, etc… basically anything that takes place outdoors is of high value!  I’ve been enjoying our warm and pleasant winter weather out at the 6 week Hunter/Jumper Winter Circuit series put on by […]

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