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Bringing a slain painting back from death’s door. I think most people would agree, moving is hell. It’s something I dread, but Moving happens. To be fair, things actually went fine overall with our move a year and a half ago, at least until I discovered one of my paintings did not come out of it […]

14" x 18" oil on canvas

6 Things I Fear Painting The Most

Happy New Year!  I’ve been doing some spring cleaning, and redecorated the place, enjoy! My first post of 2016 may seem a bit dismal, but if looked at through the rose colored glasses I like to sport, it is really a call to action to forge on and overcome that which can hold us all back! […]


A Portrait’s Journey; Part 4

Finishing a Painting Last but not least… the final post has arrived in this series documenting the creation of a one of a kind portrait of a one of a kind Thoroughbred named Squeaky! But first a quick recap (with links)… Photo Session – Basically a chance for Squeaky to beg for treats by making some […]


A Portrait’s Journey; Part 3


Falling Into Autumn…

I hope this finds everybody ready to transition to Autumn after enjoying a splendid summer (in spite of the strange weather all over)!  I’m just settling into a quiet stretch of lots of time to spend in the studio, with occasional breaks to get outside and appreciate the desert’s shift to near perfect weather. I […]


Tis the Season to Deck the Easel!

Hope this finds everyone’s holiday’s going smoothly!  As always this time of year I’m busy enough trying to keep up with portraits and print sales… nevermind the added fun of decorating, shopping and in general preparing for the Christmas!  Of course my easel is the first area in our house to reflect the spirit of the season!  Needless to say, […]


A Bountiful Fall Harvest on the Easel!

Happy Fall everyone! I hope this finds you all staying warm if you live in a colder climate, or enjoying more pleasant temperatures if you live where it’s hot, like me!  My extended absence from updates is a direct result of simply being nice and busy, a good thing ultimately, and will give  me plenty to share! First of […]

15" x 30" oil on canvas

A Break Before the Heat Sets In…

As the heat is starting to ramp up here – I’ve seen as high as 104 F forcast for Monday (that’s a bit cool for July but getting up there for May) – I’m enjoying a relatively cool day in the low 90’s watching the Preakness coverage while painting. I’m (of course) working on another racing piece today, there’s […]